Marvelous Designer 2024.0リリース!

Marvelous Designer 2024 Marvelous Designer
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Marvelous Designerがバージョンアップされました。 およそ1年に1回メジャーアップデートされ、

その間はbug fixや機能追加などのマイナーアップデートが実施されてきました。


Marvelous Designer 2024.0の新機能は以下の通り。詳細は公式ページ参照。

Key Features
→ Multiple Wind Controllers

→ Video Capture

→ Soft Body Simulation

→ Auto Convert to Avatar

→ EveryWear

→ Marvelous Designer LiveSync

→ Puckering

Effortless & Intuitive
→ Scale Custom Joint Avatar of FBX File

→ Symmetrical 3D State

→ Match 2D Pattern Measurements

→ Partial Strengthen

→ Efficient 2D Pattern Selection
Easily select partially patterns by holding CTRL and clicking and dragging your mouse.

→ Basic Arithmetic Operations in Input Field
You can now do simple math inside a dialogue box for numerical inputs.

→ Show thumbnail on the Project file icon
Project icon is now your thumbnail image for your saves file.

→ Save Min-Max Animation Range in zprj File
The min-max values of the animation timeline are saved in the project file.

→ Display graphic images in areas outside the pattern
When editing graphics:
graphics or parts of graphics that are outside of the pattern will appear translucent.

→ Axis Conversion for Alembic Import

→ Run Fit Horizontal with the animation slider

→ Delete the Selected Scene and Prop

→ Video Capture

→ Soft Body Simulation

→ EveryWear

→ Improve Patch Topology

→ Reorganize the Remeshing-related features
Quad (Grid)
Triangle/ Quad (Optimized)

→ Polygon Optimization
Optimize the polygon count of buttons, accessories, and zippers
by directly entering or applying with planes.
Trim Properties
Zipper Slider and Stopper Properties
Button Properties
Scene & Props Properties

→ Add Current frame option to export Alembic

→ USD Single/Multi Objects export option

Create Freely
→ Multiple Wind Controllers

→ Puckering

→ Scene and Prop Collision

Seamless Workflow
→ Auto Convert to Avatar

→ Marvelous Designer LiveSync

→ [LiveSync] Add download menu under Help menu

 You can open the MD LiveSync download page from the Help menu.

→ One Email Account (CLO-SET account) Sign In

Other Features
→ Changing Expiration Date display position.

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